Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

We have been a busy little family with Christmas quickly approaching. With it being Conner's first Christmas we have been taking him to all the X-mas activities Fort Bragg has been putting on.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went and got our first Christmas tree as our new family! Conner loved grabbing all the trees and of course, trying to eat them too! Oh boy, does he love the lights!

Then, last Saturday we took him to see Santa for the first time! He didn't seem to mind him at all (but I think it was because Mrs. Claus handed him a candy cane, wrapped, of course!). We got a few good pictures of him with Santa :)
Also that night we got together with our good friends, The Nelepovitz and their two adorable boys, Nico and Elio. We went to Chinese food (Conner had his first taste...and well not much to our surprise...he loved it...boy loves to eat!)Then went downtown to watch the annual Lighted Truck Parade. Again, he loved all the cool lights and music. Fun night!

This Tuesday we went to the Botanical Gardens, which had been putting on a Festival of Lights for the first year so we, again, went with The Nelepovitz Family. It was so pretty seeing it all lite up at night.

Also on Tuesday, Conner turned 7 months!

And to top of all our fun Christmas adventures, Sean and I just purchased a new camera as a gift to ourselves (and each other) for Christmas. A Nikon D90 SLR. We LOVE it! We will never go back to just a regular point and shoot camera again!