Sunday, January 29, 2012

Summer Continued...

Middle of October we went Wine Tasting in Hopland with some of our great friends. Matt and Shannon Wilhite (whom are also Conner's Godparents!)

Sean, Conner and I were the Rubbles from the Flintstones. Conner's costume is homemade by ours truly, Sean :)

November brings Thanksgiving! Lots of things to be thankful for in our family. Happy, healthy and so many great things on our horizon!

Where has the time gone?!

August 8th? Last blog...eek. Time seems to slip away faster and faster.
Don't worry folks, we have had our hands full...tons of exciting things going on with us adventurous Cleary's!
Lots of celebrating has been done, from our annual party at our Cabin, to New Years at our house, to a new member of our family. Sorry, no baby...yet. But, a new puppy!

The party at our cabin was fantastic. We had all our favorite people there, friends and family (minus a few). Beautiful weekend and wonderful company! River and sun...perfect!

The first weekend in October we celebrated our dear Friend, Shanna and her 30th!