Thursday, June 16, 2011

San Juan/Carribean Cruise Vacation

What a WONDERFUL vacation we had. 10 days in Paradise! Beautiful weather, amazing foods, a new town everyday and the perfect company. Sean, Conner and I went with my parents for both Conner's 1st Birthday and their 25th wedding anniversary. Great gifts, huh?! :)
We started our trip out in San Juan, Puerto Rico for 3 days. This is where our ship was cruising from. We thought since we were flying all the way there we might as well take a few days and explore San Juan. Sunday, May 9th is when we boarded ship (Mother's Day--Happy Mothers Day too me!!). We traveled to 5 different places during our 7 day cruise. Each place was gorgeous! Conner did wonderful the entire time...yes, flights and all! Gave us hope that we can take another family trip again soon :)

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